533 N Hwy 17, Summersville, MO

Elysia & Craig Dukes
Elysia & Craig Dukes

The tight-knit community of Summersville sits at the heart of several small communities in South Central Missouri. Pastor Elysia and Craig’s desire is that the existence of Life360 Summersville is to serve the Summersville community and the surrounding towns through relationships and providing for people both spiritually and physically.

Pastor Elysia and Craig knew they were called to Summersville because it reminded them of their own home town where they grew up. Knowing how much their home town would benefit from the programs Life360 offers, they quickly knew that this was where God was calling them. They feel at home in Summersville, and everyone in the town treats them like they’re family. Life360 Summersville takes a mantra to minister to those who would never step foot in a traditional church. The town of Summersville may be small, but God is doing great things!

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