A Place to Become

Become active in God's purpose

We are not a church built to be served. We are a church built to serve. Each individual has a unique purpose and a destiny designed by God to influence the world around them. Every Life360 church has developed opportunities to help you grow and know God's purpose.


This is where life becomes authentic. Meet new friends, grow in your existing relationships and connect with Jesus together. We were designed to live in community and we are better off for it. Each location has this as a part of their DNA.

Weekly Gatherings

Our weekly gatherings look different at every location. From house churches and coffee shops, to auditorium style, we find ways to love, connect, and grow as a community

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Life360 Classes

As each church continues to grow, we never want to miss a chance to encounter and establish community in different environments. Each location provides a practical way to learn about our mission and connect with others


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