21899 MO-142, Myrtle, MO 65778, USA

Stephen & Cindy Aldrich
Stephen & Cindy Aldrich

Located in South Central Missouri are the quaint towns of Couch and Myrtle, Missouri. Despite having just a little over 700 people between the two communities, they take rural to a whole new level. Down these gravel roads and across these rolling hills, you will find many people who have been in this part of Missouri for generations. This is a place where the expression “everybody knows everybody” is truly not just a saying, but a reality.

Stephen and Cindy Aldrich came to this beautiful location to plant a living and vibrant church that will minister to the whole person (body, soul, and spirit). Their goal is to bring the Light of the Gospel to the hearts of all who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They desire to not only see people come to Christ, but to see them become His disciples.

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Finding a place to BELONG, is a lot easier when you are noticed. We are not a church with LifeGroups. We are a church of LifeGroups.


When you say, "I BELIEVE IN JESUS", you have taken the first step in writing a beautiful story. We have a few opportunities for you and your family than can help you with your next steps.


BECOME active in God's purpose. Explore your purpose designed to influence our individual worlds.

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