Bell City

25233 Walnut St, Bell City, MO 63735, USA

Shane & Elizabeth Whitacre
Shane & Elizabeth Whitacre

Whitacre Children: Matthias, Trevor, Lincoln & Jackson

Bell City, Missouri, a Southeastern farming town that lies at the foothills of Crowley’s Ridge on Missouri Route 91, has a population of around 500 people, and is the home of Life360 Bell City Church. Life360 Bell City Church is led by Pastors Shane and Elizabeth Whitacre. Pastor Shane and Elizabeth’s desire is to build a church that is missions minded and community involved. They want to reach the lost and touch the lives of those who are hurting by providing support, resources, and fellowship. Along with being a place of worship, the church is also partnering with two local schools, Delta and Advance, to provide meals for students throughout the week. Pastor Shane and Elizabeth hope that Life360 Bell City Church can become a valuable community stakeholder in meeting the needs of the people of Bell City both physically and spiritually.


Sunday Mornings


10:00 am

Youth & Young Adults


6:00 pm

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