Bay City, MI

John & Christina Johnson
John & Christina Johnson

Johnson Children: Micah (13), Kierstyn (19), Rachel Rowe (married and 22) – her husband is Patrick Rowe

Bay City is a town of a little over 30,000 people, however, it has the feel of a small town. It’s been described as a big small town, or a small big city. Either way we are excited to be a part of this riverfront community. Pastors John and Christina Johnson are thrilled to see this dream of almost 15 years coming true as they start a new church in Bay City in 2022.

Life360 Church is here to connect people to Jesus by welcoming them to a community where they can feel like they belong. We are excited to be Life360 Church’s first reach into Michigan with many more to come. Our exact location and meeting times are still yet to be determined, but we are investing in the community from day one. God never intended for us to do life alone. He meant for us to do life in community. Come and join us as we become the family God intended us to be.

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Finding a place to BELONG, is a lot easier when you are noticed. We are not a church with LifeGroups. We are a church of LifeGroups.


When you say, "I BELIEVE IN JESUS", you have taken the first step in writing a beautiful story. We have a few opportunities for you and your family than can help you with your next steps.


BECOME active in God's purpose. Explore your purpose designed to influence our individual worlds.

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